About Us
We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company. It was originated in 1980 to supplement my income, as I had two children and my college education to pay for.. I did go to night school to earn a degree in accounting. Presently I am the proud dad of two college students and an extraordinary high school student, who is sure to keep me in painting for sometime.
Ironically, my love for restoring and remodeling grew such that I gave up my accounting interests in order to pursue my own professional painting services, at a level of quality that seems to be missing in today's home improvement industry.
Having two tuition payments now, makes me realize just how proud dad must have been to spend all that money on my painting career?
Bottom line, after over 36 years my love for restoration has grown into a successful enterprise, that serves a long list of repeat customers. 
Hopefully, we can make you a member of the HPP family as well !!!

Thank You Very Much,
Jeffrey B. Smedley and Stephen E. Smedley

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