Is your homeowner association preparing to paint? If so, what kind of paint should you use...elastomeric, acrylic latex or oil alkyd paint? Will a certain primer make the finish coat last longer? Can you eliminate mildew? What about a warranty? Who will inspect the painter's workmanship?
At High Performance Painting we realize that it is prudent for our customer's to be well informed about taking on such a project from both us as a contractor as well as the paint supplier.  To help give your HOA or Board and its constitutions a wholesitic idea of the project they are about to undertake we start with scheduling an estimate. Once we have a date set we than go on to bring along our local paint expert for the specification, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, you name it and we will provided not only a knowledgeable consultant but the comfort of knowing that we truly do the job correct from the start.

After contacting the paint supplier rep, a site inspection is the first order of business. The rep will evaluate the current condition of the paint and surfaces plus identify existing and potential problem areas. With this information, High Performance Painting will work with the rep to develop the specs to include everything for your project; preparation techniques, primer, finish coat and application instructions for each type of surface.

This process will help ensure that every aspect of the job is taken into consideration. This is to include color selection, developing a sequential scope, recognizing any issues before commencement and developing strategies to avoid any downtime on the job, proper preparation techniques as well as keeping a clean and neat worksite to avoid any disruption in your community. High Performance Painting will take the time to accompany any board meetings or preliminary interviews to review these specifications and give any references that may help in earning the confidence of the community.

Prior to commencement High Performance Painting will create a contract that uses these specifications to ensure any warranties provided by the suppliers be valid. We also ask that this rep act as a partner throughout the job to limit any worries for the residents. He will periodically review the preparation, application and anything in between so the job runs as seamless and convenient as possible with minimal disruptions to both the board and it's residents. Your partner and consultant will also prepare a final punch list for the High Performance Painting. The job isn't finished until he is satisfied that the specs are completed and a warranty can be issued.

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